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Smart phones are now responsible for running our lives, as we invest so much time with them and store such valuable information in them. When our Apple iPhone smart phones experiences trouble, such as with cracked screens, battery troubles, water damage, or any other issue, our lives are in disarray as we can no longer access our data or participate in electronic forms of communication. Dr. Digital has arrived to provide solutions to these problems and to put an end to your iPhone troubles.

Being the top provider of cell phone and electronics repairs in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Digital is your best choice for cell phone and electronics repairs. While many other repair shops complete their repairs over the course of a few days, we realize that a few days can feel like a lifetime without your phone handy, so we make sure to complete our repairs in a timely manner and generally perform all repairs within thirty minutes.

When your iPhone breaks or experienced troubles, give us a call and we will get to fixing your device as soon as possible. We provide electronics repair services on all models of the iPhone as well as many other Apple products including iPods, iPads, and laptops and desktop computers. All of our repair services and screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty. Bring in your broken devices to Dr. Digital Cell Phone and Computer Repair today and we will have your electronics repaired as soon as possible!

Android phone

Dr. Digital provides our valued customers with the quickest, most professional Android smart phone repairs and touch screen replacements in the San Fernando valley. All our repairs include a 30 day warranty (excluding liquid damage).

We can provide you with Full Service Android Repair within 30 Minutes on most devices

Smartphones have become the leading communications tool used by the vast majority of people today. With so many people running into problems with their devices every day, Dr. Digital is here to help you get your Android smartphone back in working order. Android phones can be damaged in many different ways, but we have quick and long-lasting solutions for all the various ways in which your phone could be damaged.

We are the best cell phone repair shop in San Fernando Valley providing full service for Android phones as well as iPhones. Our expert technicians will serve you quickly and satisfy your demands. There are many repair shops that take a few days to make repairs, but here at Dr. Digital, we understand that a few days can seem like a lifetime, without your smartphone or Tablet . For that reason, we get most phone repairs done very quickly in order to get our customers back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

  • We provide a variety of repair services with professional technicians specialized in various Android phones.
  • Most of our smartphone repair services are done same day.
  • We can work on many brands of smartphones. (Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, and Blackberry)
  • Our repairs and our new screen service comes with a 30 day warranty.
  • Preventing future damage – High quality screen protectors and cases to prevent your smartphone from scratches and cracks.

Smartphone screens are easily cracked and not many of the shops around today will provide the services you need in a timely and professional manner. At Dr Digital, we are prepared to grant you full, fast & professional service for your modern digital device.

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